Solar power...

...empowering local people.

Haiti fund: Tough Stuff

ToughStuff provides inexpensive solar panel kits to low income families in developing countries. The products save money, improve lives and protect the environment. The kits include a solar panel, long lasting LED light, battery recharger and mobile phone connections and provide a free source of light, power and communication.

So far, Capital for Good's Emergency Relief and Redevelopment Fund has bought more than 8,000 solar panel kits for Haiti. These are vital necessities for the Haitian people left without infrastructure following the earthquake.

Read an eye witness account of the impact made by our first solar kit shipment to Haiti

Solar Power for Developing Countries

In the developing world these products save money because people don't need to to buy kerosene, batteries, or pay to have their cell phone charged. The LED lamps provide a safe free source of light that has no smoke or flames.

Children can see to do their homework at night, adults can power a radio for entertainment whilst they work in the fields.

Visit their website for the Buy One - Fund One scheme and create a Solar Village Entrepreneur who will spread the benefits of solar power to a whole village.